Saturday, April 3, 2010

Assignment ku~~~part 4

“and yet you call yourself his best friend?” Umar reply to Nourell complaints with the cynical tone and said “I’m not his bodyguard, why don’t ask him yourself?”
“What rubbish do you talk that way? I’m asking you where he is, and you tell me to ask him by myself? If I can find him myself, why do I need you?”Umar carve his cynical smile and pointed his finger at the back of her sister. “What?” Nourell asked him what he’s up to. She turn her face back and it hit her like a lightning beam. She almost screams because the person she’s looking for is just behind him; listen to her complaints about him. Khalid just behind her and listened all of her complained about him. She felt very embarrassed b her rudeness. Khalid just standing in front of her without any clue what to said. He also feel bad because he does not there to assist in hall preparation.
The two of them just stand still, until Umar interrupt their silent. “Why both of you, face all cover in red? hahahahaha!!!”.Umar tease them.Both of them feel bit freight, Nourell pinch her brother’s arm and Khalid punch Umar stomach slowly. Umar love teasing them. His egoistic sister and his shy friends bit strange combination, but still he loves them both with all his heart. He dares to take a bullet if someone shot either of them. Umar look at his watch and him panically scream “arrrggghh!!!I forget to submit my assignment to Mr. Ezekiel!!” It almost 4 pm, He got to submit his assignment before 4.30 pm.

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