Saturday, April 3, 2010

Assignment ku~~~part 5

Umar left both of Nourell and Khalid in the hall. They start talking about what they should do in the convocation day. After a while, they conversation is departed. From the convocation day to the first time they meet. Khalid is being very friendly that day.they sits and talks about the past. Nourell feel very comfortable talking with him. She felt that Khalid was a very extra cheerful and very fun to communicate with that day. They talked until sunset. Adhan Maghreb’s echo means it time for them to grab their thing, close the hall and go home. Khalid asks Nourell to wait for him. He wants to walk with Nourell and send her home. Nourell agree, after Khalid close the hall. She walks along with Nourell, without a word.
They keep walking together. It’s only sunset but the environment seems like it was at dawn. So quiet, they can almost hear their hearts beatings. Khalid breaks the stillness, his cell phone rings. The ringtone of Albi Nadak, he press the phone buttons and read the message. He kept his phone back in his bag. Nourell heard the ringtone. She asks if the ringtone is from Fares, her favourite singer. Khalid nod and smile, he said to her “This song suits you well Nourell”. After that, the stillness continues until they reach Nourell rent house. Nourell thank Khalid for sending him home. Khalid smile and said with a plaintive voice, “I’m glad to be your friend Nourell, I hope you will remember me when I’m gone”. Nourell feel strange with Khalid speech, but she waives her feelings. She thinks it’s only because she does not talk much with boys other than her brother’s and Khalid.

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