Saturday, April 3, 2010

Assignment ku~~~part 1

The Song

Nourell Husna Jamilah, the meaning of this name is Light of The Beautiful Kindness. The name resembles her kindness and the grace of her. She has the most beautiful eyes, perfect figure, soothing face and the kindness of the goddess. If she walks through the crowd, everybody will stare at her with all of the respect and love. In her university, she is the vice president of the student council. If she speaks, everyone in her present will stand still and be amaze with her excellent speech. Her charisma is beyond compare to any girl in her university. She was the idol of many juniors.
With her credibility, she is the most attractive person to be walk out with .However, she have no interest in love. The ego she has was vast like the ocean. She has set her mind, love is distracting her studies. In the meantime, there was a man who was deeply in love with her. Always beside her, care and gentle with her. But he is too afraid to tell her about his feeling. His name is Khalid, The President of Students Council in his University. He always tries to hide his feelings from her. Khalid afraid, he will lose her as a friend which is very regretful.
“Hah!” Khalid inhales his breath after he finished his task. The convocation day is around the corner. He looks at his watch, almost 6 pm.”Aaaarggh!!! What a day! I’m exhausted”. He walks out from the hall. Khalid meet with his acquaintances, he raise his hand and smile to them. Khalid is kind and always respect for others. He is the most dependable person when it comes to working as a group. As for that, he has been appointed to be The President of Students Council.