Saturday, April 3, 2010

Assignment ku~~~part 2

Khalid walks with fatigue; it is not surprising because he has worked throughout the day at the convocation hall. Suddenly, he encounters Nourell at the road junction across him. However, Nourell does not realize that Khalid is only behind the trees that separates the road. Nourell with her friends are talking about the convocation. Khalid picks up his cell phone and snaps a picture of Nourell without her noticing it. Only this kind of thing he can do to suppress his love for her. He have the collection of Nourell photos, he edited the photos and make it as slide show by using power point. He also added Nourell favourite song sung by her favourite artist. The song is heavenly soothing, sung by Fares. The song is in Arabic, named Albi Nadak (My hearts calling). The song is about love and separation. It matched the slide show his making just like it was destined to be with. While Khalid is making his slide show, his cell phone rings, he answers the call.
In the meantime, Nourell is making her preparation on the speech for the convocation day. She wrote it in power point, she add the slide show in her speech with some of interesting pictures. The pictures that have been took away by other students and submitted to student council for the university yearbook. Nourell is very highly enthusiastic with her work. She always dedicated with her work as the vice president of the Student Council. However,she always manage to balance her study and her responsibilty as the vice president.

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