Saturday, April 3, 2010

Assignment ku~~~part 6

“Khalid! Where do you put your pendrive for the convocation ceremony?” Umar asked Khalid about his presentation. “emm...I think I put it on the desk, try to find it there”. Khalid told Umar that he put the pendrive on the desk. Umar go to Khalid study desk and pick one of the pendrive that are on the top of the table.
It was a lively situation. The convocation hall is filled with students wearing convocation cape. It was an outstanding scenario to be in the middle of these events. Nourell is waiting for Khalid to come and make the opening speech. Or else she has to get to the stage and give a speech herself. “Umar!” she called Umar. “Where on earth Khalid goes now?” Umar respond to her sister that Khalid will come eventually. “haizzz!” Nourell sigh, “what happens to you Khalid? Where do you go running of this time?” The University Chairman, lecturer and all of the audience start to make noise because of the delays. The Chairman asked Nourell about Khalid absence. Nourell tell the Chairman that she have no idea where Khalid have gone. The Chairman told her to start the ceremony, because the crowd have started to make hectic and certain of them have another place to attend. Nourell was conforms that Khalid will not make it to the ceremony, she get into the stage and start to make a speech.
The ceremony run smoothly afterwards, after the VVIP’s have gave their speech to the graduates, it’s time for students to make their performances such as singing, acting and public speaking. For closing the ceremony, Nourell wanted it to be memorable. She wanted to show the slide show of pictures that she and Khalid have been prepared together to all of their friends.”Umar! Please insert the pendrive that have the slide show of our university”, she asked Umar to help her in this presentation. Umar obey her sister instruction, he insert the pendrive into his laptop and start playing the slide show to the hall projector

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