Saturday, April 3, 2010

Assignment ku~~~part 7

The hall is in commotion when the slide show of the students turns out to be the slide of Nourell pictures. The song of Albi Nadak plays together with the slide show. It’s kind of touching the audience hearts. Nourell feel very humiliated by this kind of situation. She come towards Umar and slaps him hard. Umar does not have a clue what has happening to her. Nourell grabbed Umar clothes and with the glare of hawk she asks him where Khalid is. “In the name of God,I swear I don’t know where he is. I only see him to get the pendrive. That’s all. I swear” .Umar never see her sister was that furious before, he thinks she’s really angry about something Khalid does with the slide show.
Suddenly, Nourell phone rings, Khalid’s call. She takes the call, with the angry tone she shouts at Khalid about the slide show. Khalid quiet until Nourell finish screaming at him. With the calm voice, Khalid apologizes to her because of his negligence. He explains to her that Umar took the wrong pendrive from his desk. After a while, Nourell began to calm down from her anger. Now she asked Khalid why he has many of her pictures. Suddenly still, he tells the truth about his feelings toward her. The feelings that he have keep from the start their eyes meet. Nourell ask him, why he’s absence for the convocation. Khalid tell Nourell that he have to go to Dubai to take over his family business. Nourell was poked by Khalid’s feelings towards her. She asked him where he is now. Khalid is speechless for a moment, Nourell asked him repeatedly about his position but Khalid still doesn’t speak. Nourell tears break from her eyes, she cried to him to tell her where he is now.
After the moment stillness, Khalid starts to speak. “Nourell, thank you for everything, I have a great moment with you. Hopefully you will find somebody better then me”. After that speech, he shut his phone and the hall is started to echo with Nourell tears mixed with the favourite song of her and Khalid that Khalid put in his slide show. Khalid left his friends, his lover, and his education to help his family in need. Left Nourell all alone.

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