Saturday, April 3, 2010

Assignment ku~~~part 3

“Umar!” someone shouted his name.Umar look behind and Nourell was the one called his named.Umar is Nourell twin brother, he is at the same age as Khalid and Nourell . Umar also is a companion of Khalid.The best friends, they been through a lot together as friend. Umar get down from his bike and walk towards Nourell. Nourell ask him,”Where does Khalid been? I don’t see him around the hall today. What has he being doing at the busiest time of our university year’s?”Nourell asked Umar about Khalid with the tone of anger. Umar just shaking his head and shrug, he does not know where Khalid has been. Nourell complained to Umar “What kind of friend are you Umar?” She added her complained

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